Senior Lunch Program 

The Banner Lake Club Inc. Senior Lunch Program is available thru a partnership with the Kane Center and the Meals on Wheels Program at our location: 12212 SE Lantana Ave. Hobe Sound FL 33455 every Monday through Friday from     10:30 am-12:30 pm which provides hot meals and activities to Hobe Sound's elderly population. 

Our Senior Lunch Program is available to those 60 and over and for those that qualify for the program. Meal Delivery is available for those in need that cannot travel to pick up their meal.

For more information on The Banner Lake Club Inc.'s Senior Lunch Program contact the program office at (772) 402-5167 or

contact Kane Center Meals on Wheels Program 772-223-7800.



Thursday Night Bingo!
(Currently on hold)

It's a great time to come out and play! Join us for a night of fun, excitement and the chance to shout "BINGO!" and collect the big jackpot. Bingo is easy to play and whether you win a little or a lot every player can join in the fun and have a good time. Bingo is played every Thursday of each week unless otherwise specified.